Video games Pokémon gold and silver They had the arduous task of confirming the incredible success of Red and Blue, the unforgettable trip to the Kanto region. A task that was carried out with flying colors and that offers users an unforgettable adventure. Now Generation II Pokemon are back in Kyoto.

To the Promote tourism A bizarre campaign has been launched in the lesser-known regions of Japan to install Pokémon-themed pits. The initiative, called Pokefuta in Japanese or Pokelids in English, has now hit the streets of Kyoto city.

Five fantastic and colorful ones were installed in the inhabited center Manholes with Pokémon second generation, each of which is unique. Therefore, in order to "visit them all" it is necessary to go to a certain point in the city.

The Pokémon selected for the city of Kyoto come from the Johto region, where the events of the Pokémon Gold and Silver take place. The manholes are shown, in the background of which the city's landmarks are depicted the legendary Ho-Oh, the trio consisting of Pichi, Cleffa and Igglybuff, the duo Chikorita and Shiftyr, Cyndaquil and Darmanitan as well as Totodile and Azumaril.

At the moment they are well spread across Japan 159 Pokémon-themed Mannholeswhose location is given on the Poke Lids website. Most of them will be permanent while some will only be temporary.

After Pikachu, do you remember the first Pokémon Ashes caught in Kanto? A new adventure awaits Ash and Go in Pokémon Exploration.

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