On his Twitter account, Kakeru Kobashiri revealed that the light novel series The Witch's Dawn inspired the production of an anime, the release date of which is not yet known.

The Witch's Dawn is set in the same Fantasy world from Grimoire of Zero, now at peace after 500 years of conflict between church and witches. However, in some regions of the world the embers of rivalry still burn.

The plot of Kobashiri's work follows the story of Savil, a hopeless student of the College of Magic of the Wenias Kingdom, who for some strange reason He lost all memory before starting school. One day, headmaster Albus sends him to the southern part of the continent for special training, where the persecution of witches is ongoing.

The first volume of the novel The Dawn of the Witch was released in August 2018, and Kodansha will release the third volume on May 6. It was from the light novel I also draw a manga, currently featured in Kodanasha's Monthly Shonen Sirius Magazine, written by Tatsuwo.

What do you think of the premises of this new anime? In the meantime, Riku wa Yowakunai's anime film came out with a teaser trailer. In addition, the anime Cherry and Virgin was announced.

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