The animated film adaptation of the picture book Riku wa Yowakunai A colorful teaser trailer finally appeared. The video, accompanied by a wonderful key visual, was published on Twitter from the official report of the work.

From the illustrated book Riku wa Yowakunai by the author Shinobu Sakagami and the illustrator Kunihiro Kawashima comes an animated film adaptation that is finally presented to the public through a first teaser trailer. The film will arrive in Japan in the fall 2021 season.

Based on Sakagami's life, Riku wa Yowakunai follows the carefree everyday life of one 5 year old child and a puppy called Riku. Sakagami is a huge pet lover and currently lives with 14 dogs and four cats. The film will also feature other puppies such as the Chihuahua Tsutomu, the Dachshund Yosuke, the Bulldog Maruchan, and the Pug Paquz.

The film is directed for Kachidoki Studio Masatsugu Arakawa, formerly responsible for Urahara. As you can see from the first scenes revealed, the film will present a very special and pleasant graphic style that follows the characteristic of the original work. Riku wa Yowakunai's book was published in Japan in April 2020 and today has over 22,000 copies in circulation.

Meanwhile, the anime Cherry and Virgin has been announced. From the manga that swept the web a year ago comes the anime Wani Dies in 100 Days.

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