Because of their work Every hero of My Hero Academia must equip themselves with appropriate equipment. In addition to the basic elements that can enhance the skills of their idiosyncrasy, each of the professionals is equipped with a costume. Most of these are also modeled according to the person's aesthetic taste.

With My Hero Academia 5, we saw the winter costume of the young Yuei heroes, who come back into action with some clashes. However, these costumes aren't the only outfits worn by Kohei Horikoshi during the series. In fact, the protagonists used regular school uniforms, casual clothes and even Cheerleading uniforms. Obviously, the girls from My Hero Academia wore the latter and were involved in a Mineta joke at the end of the second phase of the sports festival.

TO The cheerleader costume was also worn by Momo Yaoyorozu, one of the most popular Yuei girls among fans. The cosplayer CandyPie has decided to dedicate herself to the character with some photos. One of them can be seen in the following post. You can see the orange, white, and green uniform with the word UA as a wig completes the work attempting to reproduce Yaoyorozu's very long hair.

In addition to his colleagues, Yaoyorozu will also be active again in My Hero Academia 5 in the next few episodes.

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