Fairy Tail has been one of the most influential series in the manga and anime world for several years. Behind the famous big three of Weekly Shonen Jump or ONE PIECE, Bleach and Naruto, it was the Mashima series that contributed most to the popularity of Japanese comics in the West. But now the author is struggling EDENS ZERO.

The adventures of Natsu Dragneel and his companions were set aside for several years to focus on those of Shiki. At the moment EDENS ZERO also arrived in an animated form with a project that started in early April 2021. It was immediately noticed that the new manga by Hiro Mashima He hadn’t gotten much out of the old Fairy Tail audienceand because of this, sales have always been lower than in the previous manga.

Even the arrival of the first episode of EDENS ZERO does not seem to have encouraged the purchase of the mango bank receipt, which usually happens in the first month, even if the percentage is low. User Josuke has collected the sales data of the previously distributed EDENS ZERO tank tokens. As you can see in the graphic below, the series follows a descending line. The lack of growth seems to have already confirmed this EDENS ZERO won’t be as profitable as Fairy Tail neither for Hiro Mashima nor for the Kodansha publishing house, considering that at least at the level of the tankobon, the manga with the magicians was sold more than three times.

Additionally, EDENS ZERO’s debut doesn’t seem the best, and that could have contributed to the lack of growth, at least for now. It should be noted, however, that the data disclosed do not take into account digital copies, still limited in the Japanese public, but increasingly growing, and that as the season continues, there may be reversals and exponential growth, as has recently been the case with some Shueisha mangas.

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