Lionel Messi has many trophies in his cupboard. Team awards such as Liga Spagnola, Ligue One and cups of various kinds (including many Champions Leagues), individual awards such as Golden Shoes, Golden Balls and much more. But missing from his wall was the coveted World Cup with his national team, Argentina, who was being pursued for a 20-year career.

Yesterday December 18th was held Qatar World Cup Final 2022 and saw Argentina as the protagonist against an initially scared France, who then managed to take the reins until a thrilling final. Not only the fans of this country supported Argentina, but part of the whole world was more for the Albiceleste and the South American champions than for the Transalps. And in Japan? After Japan's elimination, the author of Ao Ashi drew for his national team but has now made it clear who his favorite in the final was.

Yugo Kobayashi decided to do it Tribute to Lionel Messi and Argentina for winning the World Cup in this unique illustration. The Argentinian champions present themselves in this unique style, always wearing the blue and white striped shirt while raising his left fist in victory. Kobayashi, like the rest of the world, admired the magic of the number ten.

Obviously, all Japanese mangakas hope to make more drawings dedicated to the Japan national team, as they did in the first phase, the surprising group stage that unfortunately didn't bring the desired results in the knockout phase. But they too will have been happy about the South American champion and his first world victory at national level.

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