The events in Chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super marked rapid and progressive progress towards what is perhaps the most difficult battle for Goku and Vegeta on their way to the planet Grain. However, before leaving Whis and Beerus, the two protagonists received symbolic gifts from their masters.

As it came out a few days ago, the Saiyan outfit additions might be an anticipation of her future and fate, but there is one very special detail that popped up in a special dialogue between the god of destruction Beerus and the prince of the Saiyajins. The results that Goku and Vegeta achieved over the training weeks seem impressive, and while it is not yet clear where their new limits have been reached, the new mastery of Ultra Instinct and Hakai could be a sign an important advantage over Granolah.

Just before returning to Earth, Beerus gave Vegeta one of his earrings, recognized him as his student and specified the meaning of the object, which had previously been considered a simple design feature. “Take this. Put it in your ear. It is a symbol for those who know how to use Hakai. ” With these words, Beerus not only made the hypothesis more plausible that Vegeta might one day become a god of destruction, but also revealed an important detail regarding all of these deities.

Remember, a little antagonist seems stronger than Freeza, and we’re going to let you discover Goku’s real weakness.

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