The non-canon anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes seems to be about to propel Vegeta towards new horizons. Suddenly the Saiyan prince finds himself in a seemingly unknown place and is surrounded by numerous opponents. He's ready to up the ante with a terrifying new transformation.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes recently entered a new narrative arc that brought Goku and Vegeta into the mysterious parallel universe of Fu. While Kakarot woke up on an alternate version of planet earth, where he faced Golden Freeza and Golden Cooler, among others, the prince of the Saiyajins found himself on a world that he thought he would never see again, his home planet.

However, he is not alone on the planet Vegeta: To keep the prince's company going, there are two other Saiyajins, Turles and Cumber. Vegeta was in a situation of numerical equality and could do it all his pride and transform to survive.

""The fight between Vegeta, Turles and Cumber continues on Planet Vegeta. Vegeta is overwhelmed by Turles, who has turned into an evil Saiyan. With Instant Broadcast, Goku and Hearts reach the scene, but are embroiled in a fight with the Red Masked Saiyan. On the verge of going crazy because of the evil aura, Vegeta overcomes this negative energy with Saiyan pride. So a new warrior awakens".

So, from the summary of the next episode, it appears that Vegeta will surpass the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution and it will continue to transform. Will the commercial anime take him to Ultra Instinct or Hakai Control?

Vegeta's greatest battle awaits him in episode 34 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The masked Saiyan from Super Dragon Ball Heroes showed up on the face.

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