Although fans of Hunter X Hunter Over the years they have learned to be skeptical, this time they must not be disappointed. A new project related to the franchise is in the works, according to a leak from a reliable source.

On her Twitter profile, Gons voice actress Megumi Han suggested to her fans that she should go back to work. Although she didn't directly mention the anime Hunter x Hunter, the Japanese voice actress was referring to "this project". Searched tease the community of Yoshihiro Togashi's work or should we really expect news?

"It's Friday and I met my partner. Yes, we recorded for this project. I think you'll find out soon. I'm going back to where I came from"It is this last sentence in particular that links this tweet to Hunter x Hunter. In fact, one of Megumi Han's first works was the dubbing of Gon.

This alleged leak It compliments the words of Mariya Ise, the voice actress for Killua some time ago, who also shared her colleague's tweet with a kind of evil laugh. ""I did some tapes today. I am glad to have seen my friend again. Can't wait to tell you but I can't yet so I'll post a mosaic picture. What will be".

Are the two speakers just joking with each other or is there something more to these tweets? We remind you that the re-release of the animated series is Hunter x Hunter stopped since 2014, broadcast with a total of 148 episodes. Let's find out when the new season of Hunter x Hunter might be out. Meanwhile, Gon and Hisoka compete against each other in live action from Hunter x Hunter.

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