Naruto: 3 disappointments of the anime that don’t do the manga justice

Naruto is surely one of the most beloved Shonen series of all time, and since debuting on the Weekly Shonen Jump site, Masashi Kishimoto's unique style has captured millions of fans. However, the animated implementation brings with it numerous problems that have even seriously damaged the original work.

Naruto anime series was First published in Japan in 2002only to leave the boundaries of the rising sun in 2005. The popularity that the adventures of the young ninja of Konoha gained was very high and became one of the three flagship titles of Shonen Jump along with the extraordinary Bleach and ONE PIECE.

However, as is so often the case, popularity can be indicated by Developments that are not fully accepted by the most loyal communityand in the case of Naruto, this is due to the release of the sequel Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, in which some things from the original series are rewritten. The reasons for the decline in Naruto's popularity also lie in the production of the anime, in which three main disappointments can be identified.

The first is the surrender of the fights. The first series is characterized by clashes that are downright exciting. Just think of the ones with Zabuza or Naruto versus Neji and Rock Lee versus Gaara. In the anime, these challenges have been re-proposed with great care and special attention in the EU Restore the emotions present in the manga, but this has been greatly reduced in Shippuden to give preference to faster and less engaging sequences.

In second place we find the choice of how to render the narrative. The opening chapters of Naruto, the narrative arc devoted to the Chunin Exam, and the conclusion before the time jump contain unforgettable scenes with an exorbitant number of characters, all well characterized. If you paid more attention to them initially, this is a missing element in Shippuden, especially in the anime.

Finally, that Decrease in the quality of the animations that marked the last part of the seriesstarting from the narrative sheet devoted to pain. With all that said, the conflict between Naruto and Pain is still viewed by many as the culmination of the work that failed to shine as it should in the anime due to the lack of funds available for production.

What do you think of these reasons? Do you agree that the anime does not do Kishimoto's manga justice? Let us know with a comment below. Remember that according to one theory, TenTen could be the strongest ninja and we will let you discover the 5 characters of Bleach who would have no hope against Naruto.

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