After the delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, information about the Live action from ONE PIECE from Netflix are in short supply. In the past few hours, however, a leak appears to have confirmed who will play one of the Straw Hat crew members.

As suggested by IMDB, a source of considerable authority on the world of cinema, and then reported by user ONE PIECE Netflix fan on Twitter to interpret Nami will be Emily Rudd.

It's not the first time the actress, known to the public for her role on the television series The Romanoffs, has been linked to Netflix production. In the summer, a photo seemed to leave no doubt about his participation in the ONE PIECE Live Action. Despite this time it is too only from a leakGiven the importance of the source, only official confirmation of this news seems to be missing.

Given the incredible physical resemblance, it would be Emily Rudd Perfect for playing Nami. Given the recent trend of completely changing the appearance of characters in modern productions, this choice seems to be greeted with great favor by fans of Eiichiro Oda’s work. Based on information from Netflix, a photo suggests that ONE PIECE's Going Merry is currently under construction. In addition, the live action of ONE PIECE appears to be filmed in Cape Town.

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