Episode 17 of Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld got really big, featured the incredible return of two heroes, and ultimately confirmed the episode we'll see them in Awakening of the protagonist. Even as if that wasn't enough The episode certainly hasn't spared itself in terms of violence.

Episode 17 of Sword Art Online first showed the continuation of the clash between Sinon and Subtilizer. with the former in serious trouble after losing both legs. Motivated by the memory of Kirito, she still manages to load one last shot with her rifle, causing serious damage to the antagonist.

Laefa, meanwhile, continues his fight alongside Rilpirin and reveals this Thanks to its power, it cannot be defeated in any way. Despite everything, the protagonist's sister can feel pain, and her resistance is put to the test by the terrifying blows of the American army. In one of the grossest scenes in the episode, the girl suffers a terrible slap in the face and for a moment loses the use of an eye. Unlike in episode 13, however, fans applauded the use of force, which was well contextualized by the guys at A-1 Pictures.

Eventually, the big return of two characters from the film was shown Order scale, that's Yuna and Eiji Nochizawa. The two manage to intervene and save Kirito, who is about to be killed by PoH. Then they are defeated and eliminated. Fortunately, the duo managed to get enough time and enables Higa to intervene from the real worldThis helps restore Kiritos Fluctlight. Apparently, The protagonist's awakening will happen in the next episodeAfter more than a year and a half of waiting.

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