Meanwhile, in Japan, they are going digital, and as a result, digital magazines and apps for reading unique manga are thriving, which in turn only host digitally produced series and only later, and if successful, convert to volume. Shonen Jump+ is an example and has now released a new series, shibatar.

After the March entries on Shonen Jump+, some of which have also arrived on the global digital platform Manga Plus, it's the turn of the April releases. The first of these, arriving at home and with us on April 5, 2023, is precisely this Shibatarian by the almost unknown author Katsuya Iwamuro, who had only dabbled in a few one-shots before. But his entry into the world of manga series was explosive.

After just one day of listing on the Japanese platform, this is the case a total of over 870,000 visits, number is said to be growing, second on the day only to the much more famous Oshi no Ko. Essentially, it's not impossible to hit a million visits for the first chapter, a great feat. There were many appreciative comments, with several mentions on Twitter and Reddit as well. But the series has also made its mark on a global scale, breaking into the top 30 most watched series on Manga Plus in a single day, beating out more stable and long-lived manga like Mission: Yozakura Family and Undead Bad Luck. With over 80,000 visits, a number that will continue to grow, Shibatarian was also appreciated on Manga Plus.

But what is Shibatarian talking about? The first chapter sees the meeting of two boys, Hajime Sato and Hajime Shibata. The first is a flashy and apparently cool boy, the second is a boy who goes unnoticed, and the two begin to make friends, see each other every day and watch movies together. It was precisely from this last passion that the desire to write a screenplay to be presented for the school festival arose, but unfortunately the rest of the class did not agree, which ruined their plans and their friendship as well. Shibata is missing and five years later the two Hajimes meet again in front of a cinema. But Shibata doesn't seem to be the same person anymore, with a twist that captivates the reader and increases the hype for the next chapter. Shibatarian Chapter 2 will be released on Manga Plus on April 12, 2023. Will the series be able to become the new ONE PIECE that was asked by the Shonen Jump+ editor?

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