A representation of the successful school idol group from the popular series! Not to mention the songs, the cute outfits that are very attractive among women cosplayers and a Game-App "Love Live" also. Sonoda Umi
Dakki I'[email protected]_yi Sonoda Umi (Kunoichi Hen Awakening) [Love Live!] /Photography: Akira Nogi

[email protected]_camera Tsuji Nishikino Mahime (Circus Edition) "Love Live! / Photo: Akira Nogi
Amane [email protected]_cos Ayase Eri "Love Live! /Foto: Cold Silence
[email protected] Tsuji Yazawa Niko "Love Live! / Foto: Akira Nogi
[email protected] Kaoru Takasaka Honoka (Cheergirl ver.) "Love Live!" /Foto: Koud weer
Ichisan @ ichi_7cos Hanamaru Kunikida "Love Live! Sunshine !!" / Photo by Akira Nogi
Amane [email protected]_cos (After Awakening china Dress Edition) [Love Live! Sunshine !!] / Photo: Akira Nogi
"Love Live"@noerurururu door Kaoru Matsuura Zonneschijn!!" /Photo: Akira Nogi
Photos: Kanmei (@nigellizhe @Osefly)

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