Chinese cosplayers are attracting attention at large-scale events such as the "Comic Market" and the "Tokyo Game Show". Back around 2017, some Chinese cosplayers started to be called "Kokubune", and in the last few years, the number of Chinese cosplayers participating in Japanese events has increased due to the expansion of the games from China to Japan.

The size of the presence that has been growing at events in Japan so far may have gained the notoriety they deserve. Due to the influence of the coronavirus, many dynamic exhibitions (events like anime games) have been cancelled in China today. It is also difficult for Chinese cosplayers to come to Japan.

That's why I thought we should highlight the Chinese cosplayers, so we picked up 12 cosplayers that are particularly well known in Japan, as a first project. Let's take a look at the pictures of the girls who could be photographed at the event so far, and we're looking forward to the day when we can see them again.


Dark Magician [Yu-Gi-Oh-Oh]/Photo: Kan-Shut-up

Siege "Ark Knights" / Photo: Akira Nogi 

SeeU Tsujikou @seeu_cosplay

Bowpa Princess / Photo: Kanmu

Mari [Pocket Monster Sword Shield] / Photo: Akira Nogi 


Mash "Fate/Grand Order" / Photo: Kanmu-mu 

Sr. Yami@chanbaekkailu1

Original clothing from China / Photo: Kanmu

 "Azur Lane" / Photo: Kanmu-shut 


Kelsey "Ark Knights" / Photo: Akira Nogi 

Exia "Ark Knights" / Photo: Akira Nogi 

Mr@natsume0v0. Natsume

Mayoko " Do you like the mother of normal attack twice in whole attack?" /Photo: Kan-shut

Genie Saber "Fate/ Grand Order" / Photo: Kanmu 

White blood cell "Cells at Work" / Photo: Silence

Hongo Aoi Tako@Takomayuyi-san


Skasaha-Skadi "Fate/Grand Order"/Photo: Kanmu

Akitaro's @kitaro_cos

Sra. Sadako "Blade of Demon Destruction" / Photo: Akira Nogi 

White girl

Elizabeth "Seven Deadly Sins" / Photo: Akira Nogi 

Kizunaai / Photo: Kanmu 

Sixtutu 622 @sixtutu622

Izumi Yoshigiri "Eromanga Sensei" / Photo: Akira Nogi 

Mirim "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken" / Photo: Silencio frío


Formidouble "Azur Lane" / Photo: Silencio frío

Aoi Suiseiko-san@chitandaneko

Marisa Kirime "Touhou Project" / Photo: Kanmu 

Photographers: Kanmu (Twitter: @nigellizhe Kaoru), Akira Nogi (@Osefly)

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