Sword Art Online: The director talks about the difficulties in customizing the series

The director of the series reported in an interview in the Anime News Network Sword Art Online: Alicization Manabu Ono and the character designer Shingo Adachi discussed the various changes that were made to the plot during the adaptation and the development of the character design in the series.

Based on the premise that the 2017 Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale film, which differs from the original work, was written after the series of novels that make up Alicization, There were two options Before you start producing the anime, follow the movie and ignore parts of the storyline in the books, or ignore the events of the movie and focus on light novels.

Finally it was decided Change the story in a few places to incorporate what was seen on the order scale, a pretty brave decision director Ono commented: "At the production meeting, author Reki Kawahara said that from Ordinal Scale there would be a problem with the continuity of the novels, so it was decided to do so Turn this discrepancy into something fascinating for fans. "

Then the director was asked why it was so lighter than the previous series, and Ono explained "The basis was to want to represent the underworld differently than the real world. So we started with a drawing area and different color schemes and decided how they should be combined with the character design."

After talking to the director about the various cuts and acts of violence in Sword Art Online: Alicization, we talked about them in the second part of the interviewDevelopment of the character design with the character designer Shingo Adachi, who worked on the series from the start.

"The most obvious difference is that I didn't think I was a good designer in season one." Adachi said with a laugh and then continued "I think after working on SAO and other series like Wagnaria! And Galileo Donna, I improved my way of working and the number of characters that I can create. And I think I improved my designs in Alicization."

We remind you that the SAO Alicization Manga was published online due to the production and printing difficulties due to the pandemic and the episodes dubbed in Italian are available on VVVVID.

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