After an almost three year hiatus, Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. On June 3rd, the Masami Kurumada spin-off, which has not been on the scene since 2018, will resume serialization in Akita Shoten's weekly Shonen Champion magazine.

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension is the protagonist of the longest break that Masami Kurumada has ever taken and which has never been away from work for more than a year in a row. In the new issue of Akita Shoten's Japanese magazine Champion RED, it was actually announced that the manga spin-off will return in early June.

The serialization of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension began in 2006 and continues to this day stops at chapter 95. Chapters 96 and 97, whose titles are already known, "The Sword of Khrysus" and "Tartarus", finally return to the pages of the Weekly Shonen Champion magazine. As for the manga, Saint Seiya: Next Dimension is still in volume 12. The thirteenth will arrive in Japan on June 8th.

For those who don't knowSpin-off workHere is a quick summary. ""After the Battle of Elysium, Seiya is in a coma and his life will die out within three days. To save him, the goddess Athena and Shun of Andromeda decide to go to Olympus first and then back in time. But not everything goes according to their plans. "

Let's discover the definitive edition of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension.

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