L'Storyline of the Kingdom of Swords heist has finally come to an end after a very long journey and Yuki Tabata is now ready to start the final Black Clover saga. However, the community is still confused, shocked and divided by this battlefield declaration of love.

In Black Clover 330, we witness Charlotte's confession of love, shocked by the fate that seemed to be reserved for Yami. With tears, in front of all comrades in battle, the Commander of the Blue Rose screams his love.

It's a big step forward for Charlotte Roselei, who is finally opening up about her suppressed feelings. In fact, the sorceress had never found the courage to confess anything to Yami, even when she was drunk. This magical moment eventually turns out to be a great disappointment. When Yami is treated by Mimosa, he reveals himself not having understood the sentence uttered by Charlotte.

On Twitter is the The Black Clover community has expressed all their disappointment. Once again the author ruined everything with one of his usual gags. As the arc progressed, Tabata had already done something similar with Asta and Noelle, and even with Yami and Charlotte, she decided to postpone matters. But the fans are fed up: why postpone when the table was already set?

Part of the community is sure it is a nice and good troll by Yami. That the Black Bull's captain didn't understand what Charlotte said is, in the opinion of many, absolutely impossible. Meanwhile, some have noted that this was the first time Yami had called Charlotte by her name.

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