TOEI Animation is releasing more and more information about the new film Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. In addition to the recent trailers shown in the wake of the hack that resulted in the film's debut being delayed, the latest news from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has involved Goten, Trunks and the androids.

A character that will certainly be present in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but about which little has been said Pan, daughter of Gohan and Videl. Could the young woman be just an extra in the film or will she play a leading role? Fans would certainly be happy about the second option: recently, a fanart of Pan in the style of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero poster depopulated the net.

Through the pages of Shonen Jump Magazine, some News about the role of Pan in the movie. As we can see in @tweetDbsHype1the girl will appear more mature than we saw in the Dragon Ball Z finale and will be described as such new heroine. Behind him in the illustration we see Piccolo and Gohan, respectively his teacher and father. Only grandfather Goku is missing, who we are sure will help the little girl in the film.

And you, you are curious to see Pan in a prominent role in Dragon Ball Super: Superhero?

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