While Studio MAPPA is making rapid progress in broadcasting the final season of the anime adaptation The attack of the giantsBased on Hajime Isayama's masterpiece, fans continue to support the work through ingenious creativity, one of which involves a possible conflict between Eren and Vegeta.

In the exact half of Attack of the Giants 4, MAP He defends himself with all his might against all these rumors about the alleged deterioration of animation quality. Anyway, an animator, some Tom Berkeltried to imagine a clash between Eren, who was turning into an attack giant, and Vegeta, the well-known prince of the Saiyans.

To date, Tom has made two individual cuts that take a few seconds but already show all the muscles of an exceptional talent. In the first clip we see appear Eren from above with a big jump, only to turn into a giant, all through an incredible fluidity of movements. In the second case, however, after analyzing his opponent's combat potential, Vegeta will likely throw a ball of energy into the sky transform into oozaru shape. Both cuts went viral online with over 30,000 expressions of thanks for each of the two clips. Later on, fans of the two series took the opportunity to discuss the possible winner of the clash with the animator.

As for you, what do you think of these fan-made animations instead? But most importantly, who do you think would win between Eren and Vegeta as a young man? As usual, let us know what you think in the section devoted to comments.

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