The new Boruto mini-saga which started in episode 274 of the new Boruto saga saw the son of the seventh Hokage walking alongside Sasuke Uchiha on a new mission. The Villaggio della Foglia duo are on the hunt for a rare species that falls victim to the goals of a for-profit association.

Boruto 275 talks to Tsuzura and finds out why his mother is so attached to the god of money. The boy is then informed that the Falcon he trained will be sold soon to a gentleman who intends to embalm it to decorate his living room.

Meanwhile, Boruto, worried about his friend bound by his mother's will, joins his master. Sasuke managed to tame a thousand-league hawk and instills courage in his student by saying that one day Tsuzura will be able to find his way without anyone forcing him to do anything.

However, on alert, Boruto runs toward the Rakuten. The zoo-like facility headed by Mozu Shitakiri has been the victim of a theft. The Falcon, which was to be sold shortly thereafter, was stolen and the perpetrator of the theft is Tsuzura.

Finally, to solve the situation, Sasuke Uchiha, who with a Genjutsu on the Falcon of a Thousand Leagues whose master he has recently become, he manages to free all the rare animals in the structure. Episode 275 of Boruto ends with Sasuke going away and tracking down the code of the Kara Organization, and with young Uzumaki returning home.

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