One of the most watched products of the fall 2022 anime season is undoubtedly the sixth season of My Hero Academy. The young heroes of Yuei have grown so much that they find themselves alongside the pros in a war against the Supernatural Liberation Front, led by the fearsome Shigaraki Tomura.

Shigaraki He managed to level up successfully and became an enemy with a power beyond logic. In My Hero Academia 6x07, only Deku's intervention is allowed erasers to save himself from a fatal blow. The Yuei Professor is a fundamental pawn in the chessboard of heroes who absolutely cannot afford to lose, thanks to his Quirk canceling Quirk.

The protagonist of My Hero Academia decu Therefore, he already had a big moment of fame in the sixth season and once again gave fans a reason to pay homage to him. Twitter user @Tsu_ku_ru_san published a Video tutorial on how to create DIY Deku Shoes, which you can see at the bottom of this message. Using only cardboard and different types of glue, the result achieved by @Tsu_ku_ru_san It is truly stunning and if painted would certainly make a great display piece.

In the My Hero Academia 6x08 trailer, however, there is little room for Deku and his shoes. The episode promises to focus on the clash between Yaoyorozu and Gigantomachy, both accompanied by their allies. Who will win?

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