Between one mishap and the other, i second course of Spy x Family it has now reached the middle of its course. However, Anya Forger's school life at Eden Academy continues with a mysterious intrigue. Why was Damian Desmond, 'the second born', teased by a classmate?

In Spy x Family 1x19 viewers get to know each other George Gloman, the son of the director of the prestigious Glooman Pharmaceutical. Apparently the company is bankrupt and from what the boy heard the blame lies with the Desmond group. Turns out it's the kid who hired Spy x Family 1x18's spy.

At school, George invents a new ruthless revenge on Damian. He takes a cigarette butt and pretends to have been punched in the face, asking an Eden professor to exclude Damian. However, the statement of Anya Forger resolves the situation.

George then has to spit it out and feels sorry for his classmates. Because this will be his last day of school, the children fulfill his every wish. However, it turns out that the family business will not go bankrupt as it was rescued by Damian's father's group.

In the second part of the episode, however, Mama Yor is convinced that Anya forgot the suit At home. To avoid being expelled from school, he tries everything he can to get to know his daughter. However, when he meets Anya, the girl reveals that there will be no physical education classes that day.

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