At the moment Hunter x Hunter continues, but the four-year hiatus has pushed the battle for the giant whale to new shores. In fact, the focus is no longer on the princes, but on Kakin's three mafia families who are trying to kill each other. But those who give orders behind the scenes should not be forgotten.

In fact, Kakin's principles are always the ones in control of the situation. After seeing the condition of the top five princes, this is Tyson Hui Guo Rou. Tyson is the sixth prince of the Kakin Empire, only daughter of Queen Katrono. Sixth, she is one of the biggest of the group and now has several followers. His character is very special, less stuffy and apparently much more frivolous. In fact, he always professes love and friendship and his power has to do with that.

Tyson doesn't know how to use nen or has any other special abilities, but her guardian animal still helps her a lot. This is a huge heart with four small wings and a big eye in the middle, plus an appendage that gives birth to a kind of lizard that has a big eye for a head and prehensile hands. These remain with those around Tyson as he begins his monologues and lectures on love.

That Lizards bring joy to those who have read Tyson's book and the more carefully it has been read, the more positive the effects will be. Tyson doesn't seem to be aware of his beast's power, nor heeds it, still thinking about taking over the world with his words.

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