Cereal's farewell has also put Toyotaro and Toriyama's manga on a long hiatus, the longest since publication began in 2015. But now it's official: Dragon Ball Super returns to V- with the next chapter in December 2022 . Jump and Manga Plus and of course with a new saga, long awaited by the Shueisha editorial team.

but What is the next saga of Dragon Ball Super about?? Archived the saga of the cerelean survivor, now it's the turn of other protagonists. In fact, the first information about the next story arc has leaked and is being linked to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

In fact, a prequel to Toei Animation's latest feature film is about to begin, and it will focused on Goten and Trunks. The two boys are growing up a bit and have a very similar design as in the movie. The poster below shows them well, with the two dressed up as superheroes. That's right, because the narrative will focus on how the two half-Saiyajin try to become superheroes.

Not only that, because Gohan and Piccolo will also make frequent appearances in the story, obviously not with the latest transformations, which will be later. So Goku and Vegeta probably won't be given much space. The next saga will be a complete prequel to Dragon Ball Super: Super HeroWhat enemies will young people face?

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