The anime of bleaching started several decades ago. The first episode of the series aired 18 years ago in Japan on October 5, 2004, and that means many children, especially in the Land of the Rising Sun, grew up watching these episodes. So it's no coincidence that Bleach is one of the famous big three and one of the most influential products of the century.

Among those who worked on Bleach is the famous Masashi Kudo who, years later, still expresses his love for the series with works dedicated to Ichigo and co. But this time I'm with him new entertainers who helped produce Studio Pierrot's Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.

Among them is Ryan White, a Twitter user who has confirmed that he is also an animator and not just any. In a recent video posted to his site, he claims he was the one who drew part of it Foundation of Yamamoto's Bankai, along with fellow animator Dominic Ferro. The fight between Yamamoto and Yhwach was beautifully done and below is the prep video of this animation.

Obviously, Ryan White said himself proud to be a part of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood Warwho always expresses his joy in the tweet below.

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