You know, ONE PIECE has a problem with fatalities. Many characters were destined to die in Wano, and some fans were unhappy with the way some of them were treated, who should have died given their injuries. But many characters who had flashbacks are dead.

This is not the case for one of them as disclosed in ONE PIECE Chapter 1066, one of the last published in Weekly Shonen Jump. Remembering Nico Robin's past, the little girl was saved thanks to the intervention of Hogwar D. Saul, one of the members of the mysterious D-Clan, a former marine and giant. In a fight with Aokiji and Ohara's later Buster Call, Saul was presumed dead.

That's not the case, however, as his silhouette is perfectly seen in the Vegapunk flashback - albeit blindfolded. Saul played a prominent role for it was he who commanded the giants to fetch Ohara's books and bring them to Elbaf. Is it possible that Nico Robin will face Saul and his crew in the future? Definitely, not even this death in ONE PIECE was so finaleven though he believed in his death for years.

However, there are important deaths in ONE PIECE and other manga that are worth rediscovering.

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