The almost 40-year history of the Dragon Ball franchise never ceases to amaze fans. In the new canon series Dragon Ball great The introduction of new races, such as Angels and Gods of Destruction, and especially new transformations, has always generated many reactions from the community, returning for discussion after Chapter 84.

there Goku's strategy implemented to seed gas It worked, giving the protagonist time to recover and listen to the data contained in Bardock's Scouter. Both Goku and Vegeta rediscovered the true value of Saiyan pride and returned to the battlefield after the arrival of Gas on Cereal. And they did it in style, simultaneously unleashing Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego one of the most spectacular tables signed by Toyotaro.

The reactions of the fans were not long in coming and on social networks the number of posts dedicated to the divine combo continues to increase, of which you can find some examples at the bottom of the page, with some too Repeat in color the boards of the manga. What was your reaction to the divine saiyan couple? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, remembering that the Granolah arc could have made Goku a worse character, we leave you to the predictions of Chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super.

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