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Chapter 9 (23): Harvest Festival and Home Stay

A destroyed library and an angry mouse, what can happen? After a conversation with the superior, the mouse ends happily because she will be able to classify the books as she wants, this encourages her too much. He manages to fix the disaster caused by some subordinate of the Patriarch and things seem to be going well. Turi and Lutz are going to teach the orphans to bind books, Myne and Benno argue over business, Myne learns that she will have a brother in the spring. But things seem to go the other way when he finds out that he will have to spend the winter in the cathedral, which does not seem to be negotiable.

Chapter opinion

I did not see Myne so angry in previous chapters, I feel that she has become too angry in this one, although justifiably. I also saw a lot of interaction with the child part or Myne's mind, explaining things and more. It has also had a lot of reference to our reality, which surprises me because the High Priest should have been more surprised and intrigued by Myne when saying the mouse everything he said (what is Japan ?, Cutter ?, Japanese classification?). In general the chapter was good, only those things about the High Priest that do not fit me, because he was more insightful at other times. Also when Myne accused another of blue habit, I thought that the High Priest would say "what if it was not him?" This is why we saw chapters back in the case of Lutz. Still, a very good chapter.


At the beginning we see the Patriarch conversing with a blue habit that we saw in other chapters, all this, for us, raised suspicion to immediately blame him for what would happen next: the disaster in the library. Something that makes him more suspicious is what the blue habit said: he took unnecessary trouble. This increases suspicions in us and in Myne initiated them. After this the mouse wants to take revenge for what they did, she was very enraged at that time, but Fran takes her to the High Priest against the orders of her mistress. In itself the Patriarch wants to harm Myne for what he did to her, in addition to being a girl from the town and not being noble, the one in the blue habit simply wants to do him harm just because he is of an inferior class, for a social discrimination.

The chance of a mouse

They say that crises are moments of opportunity. After talking with the High Priest, and the High Priest allowing him to put the library in order, Myne is very happy because she will be able to classify the books as she wants. This is the opportunity that is presented to you, to order the library as if it were yours. This is also where Myne's imagination is activated in a way that we never saw, the change in mood was very noticeable, a lover of books, as is the mouse, yes, she would be happy to be able to do what Myne will do. It is your opportunity to know everything that library has to offer.

Some things from the real world

Doing a quick research (which is why I can be wrong about some things) because: The Japanese Decimal System was used and created by Kyoshi Mori (there is a namesake Japanese politician who was born in the year 1915) in 1928-29, based on the classification Dewey's and Cutter's general tables (Dewey's is basically what he did in the chapter and Cutter's is a classification with numbers and letters based on the book and the author's name). When the National Diet Library was created in 1948, the system used by Mori was used. It is expansive in nature, which over time allows you to add new subdivisions and that kind of thing. That's all I could find out regarding this.

Fix the mess

I know Myne has more servants, but I saw a couple who did not know that they were Myne's servants, the funny thing is that they are accompanying Gil and the rest of the servants we know and they arrive at the library before the mouse has given them the order, even before they get to talk. Doesn't this strike you as curious? What is equally important is that they manage to fix the entire disaster, but there is plenty of space, one in which Myne wanted to put the books that the High Priest had donated to the Cathedral. The books were about magic. They ended earlier than expected, even with Myne's distractions, as she was eager to read what was in each book. I also imagine that he had to read some parts of all the books to know how to classify them, because the servants doubt that they know the idea of ​​Myne. In the end the mouse returns to the High Priest after certain events.

Magic and nobility

The High Priest, in the private room, explains to Myne that magic books should not be allowed to all the public, but to the nobles who really are noble, who must be in a college of nobles and graduate to be recognized socially. It seems that magic and nobility are closely linked, my suspicions about the gods are still present and increasing. The truth is that I think Myne would not have the best intentions if she learned to use magic, she is very prone to anger and does not know how to control herself. And the most interesting thing is that although those in blue habit are "noble", they are not so certainly, they are born in the cradle but they cannot be made noble. It is a curious fact that I feel will matter later.

New plans

Myne told her family that she would stay home in the winter, her brother at least will not be born that season, but in the spring. It seems that the mouse will not be able to fulfill this promise, the High Priest tells her that the offering ceremony will be in winter and since she is sickly it is best to stay. Myne is taken by surprise by this, there is no answer, at least not in this chapter, but it is most likely that she should stay given the circumstances to which she is tied. So Myne will have new plans, plans in which her family is not included.

In short, the chapter has been enjoyable, very much. You learn new things with the mouse, like that of the mimeograph or the letterpress, it gets to plant the bug of curiosity so that people decide to find out by ourselves, because it makes it entertaining.


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