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Chapter 10 (24): Order of Knights and Requests

Myne must talk with her parents about her stay in the cathedral to spend the winter, at first they do not accept, but then the mouse convinces them and they end up giving in. An event is approaching where the nobility is involved, so a blue habit is required to preside over the ceremony. Myne is chosen because she is the only one, since the High Priest will participate as a noble. The preparations are ready and for the first time Myne will discover a fantasy world that she has only read about in books from her other world. The solemnity of the ceremony was interrupted by glances by nobles towards the little one, who is now relatively alone against the nobility.

Chapter opinion

Looking back, in the chapter not much happened, there were few emotions, as the tension took center stage. More than 20 chapters have passed for us to see really magical things in this fantasy world, everything had a certain reality. It seems good to me in the end this play, they managed to solidify the characters and in a way create a mystery regarding the nobility. As the title says: it is the rise of a bookworm and it is really climbing, little by little like a mouse. The knights we see now are noble, they are no longer just soldiers like Myne's father, but elite of the elite, noble soldiers who can use magic to fight, this in itself already makes him superior to a common soldier. The question is: what will Myne do? The end leaves us thinking about it.

Spend the winter

The first thing that happens is that Myne has already learned that she must spend the winter in the Cathedral, for various reasons but that respond to the responsibility that she accepted. After a hard conversation with the father, he gives in because he understood and acknowledges the responsibilities that his daughter has committed to. This was something to expect, since the events of this season are no longer so much the city or the countryside, but the Cathedral and perhaps the noble city. Something that I love about Myne's father is that despite being tough, he is very understanding and acknowledges things, not openly but yes, going back to what he said initially and later accepting. In addition, his comedy is simple and familiar, from a father who wants love from his daughter, especially when she is more like him than the oldest. Seeing Myne's relationship with her family is kind of touching.


The Order of the Knights send a request to the High Priest, the message comes in the form of a talking bird and then turns to stone. It is only said that a priest is required to perform the ceremony. Hearing the message, the High Priest sends it back. The person in charge of presiding over the ceremony will be our mouse, since it is the only blue habit that remains in the Cathedral, for that she has to prepare herself (although she was already preparing herself, Fran had already told her that a prayer must be memorized). What is curious to me is that it seems to be a regular or annual event for the cathedral and it seems that it collides with the event that the priests have, that makes me ask: did they already have the problem of lack of priests to participate in the ceremony? The Knights? But hey, it was Myne's turn this time, making it her first foray into the fantasy world.

Fantasy world

Myne and we have seen a reality very similar to what Europeans had a millennium ago: a feudal, stratified society with religious primacy and an alliance between clergy and nobility. We knew little about the latter, only the war they had against those below. Also that the nobility is shrinking. That they have mana and that they are associated with religion. We have no more data. The first "nobles" that we see are those of the Cathedral, but then the High Priest reveals that you must go through a school to access. But now we see the nobility, that fantasy nobility that we have only read in the old songs, that we have only seen in fictional movies, that we can only imagine. The fantasy world somehow belongs to the nobles, for possessing the mana and for using magic.

The Knight Nobility

When Myne is present throughout the rampage, she is shocked to see the noble knights and the use of their magic, unable to avoid amazement despite past warnings. Everything looks wonderful and charming, but at the same time terrifying. Myne is not used to these things, her nervousness shows, so much so that she uses more magic than she should (or at least I understood that), which surprised the noble knights, as if they had not seen so much magic before. The knights' mission is to fight the waterspout. Myne's mission is to bless them and heal the land that the waterspout destroys.


What concerned me most about Myne's safety are the looks the nobles have given her. The first one looks at her half strangely, as if he smells or knows that he is not noble. After the ceremony, the nobles in charge of looking after her look at her as if they wanted to take advantage of her, with eyes of no good wishes. Do they know that Myne is not noble? I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that way, it may have been a move by the Patriarch. Another thing I think about is that maybe they look at her that way because they want Myne as their wife due to the amount of mana she proved to possess, remember that it seems women in the nobility are scarce, so it would not be strange. Equally everything is scary, or at least they make us worry about the life of the mouse.

A good, decent chapter, like everyone. The best of the chapter happened when it was going to end, in fact, because they present something really new within the anime (of this one). The next chapter, it seems, we will see them fight. I hope there is a chapter explaining the past of the High Priest, which is the most interesting character of this season.


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