Marvel Comics announces unpublished stories of the X-Men and Spider-Man / Venom

In July, the Marvel Comics will make available for free two new books dedicated to X-Men and Spider-Man / Venom. This is an initiative designed to remedy the cancellation of the Free Comic Book Day in May, canceled due to the COVID-19 emergency.

The House of Ideas has promised that the numbers in question will not be an end in themselves, but rather will be fundamental to lay the foundations for the upcoming events of the Marvel Universe:

"Originally scheduled for the Free Comic Book Day in May, these unpublished stories will prepare the ground for some of the most important moments coming to the Marvel Universe. "

Here is the official press release from Marvel Comics:

"In July - in the comics participating in the initiative - readers will have the opportunity to dive in some of Marvel's most exciting new titles, who will see completely unpublished stories. Originally part of May's Free Comic Book Day, Marvel will publish two unreleased titles that will lead the way for some of Marvel's upcoming events. Each issue will contain two separate extraordinary stories involving X-Men, Spider-Man and other characters from Marvel's most acclaimed creators!

On July 15th, a new X-Men story will be available curated by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz, who will prepare the ground for the X OF Words crossover. The second story, however, will anticipate an imminent epic story of Tom Taylor and Iban Coello.

On July 22nd, Spider-Man and Venom will see two unreleased stories related to the plot developments currently underway in Amazing Spider-Man, Venom and Black Cakt, by authors Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Jed Mackay, Patrick Gleason and many more. "

Stan Lee: a moving mural appears in the network in tribute to the author Marvel. Marvel Comics has revolutionized its digital purchasing system.

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