My Hero Academia 274: the desire for All for One and the search for Shigaraki

We have to admit, without lying to ourselves, that Horikoshi with the saga of the Battle between Pro Heroes and the Liberation Front, it is bringing out something astonishing and that, chapter after chapter, is increasingly surprising fans with new finds and preparing the ground for new epic fights.

If already from chapter 273 it was understood that something great would happen, especially after Shigaraki's awakening, chapter 274 has only confirmed this theory, preparing the field for one of the most epic fights that My Hero Academia has ever seen. Something that enthusiasts are waiting for a long time and that, in all probability, in a few chapters it will become reality.

If you have read the manga then surely you know very well what we are talking about, because what really amazed the fans, in this last chapter, was Shigaraki and, more specifically, the strange intuitions that, since he acquired the All for One, stir in him. In fact, reading chapter 274, if you have not read it and you do not want spoilers do not continue, it would seem that he barks inherited, in the form of sensations, i desires and will of the previous bearer of the All for One, in addition to its unlimited power. Precisely these sensations made Shigaraki understand what the All for One more than anything else want but which he never managed to have: the One for All.

The thing that thrilled readers was not alone this revelation, but also the fact that, apparently, Tomura can perceive the One for All and this is leading him to head at high speed towards Deku who, having noticed the thing, is running away with Bakugo to an isolated place, to attract the enemy and, perhaps, together with Endeavor, beat him once and for all.

Have you read the last chapter released? What do you think and what do you think we should expect? Will Deku be able to stand up to Shigaraki Tomura? Write it below in the comments.

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