Boruto: the Rasengan of the Uzumaki family in this illustration

The manga of Boruto: Naruto Next Generationscompared to the animated counterpart, he focused a lot on the plot and on making the story compelling, not finding much time to deepen the more affective aspect of the family Uzumaki, which, however, in the anime they took care to do in the various filler episodes.

Although currently, especially in Japan, the Boruto anime is not going through a rosy period, it must be said that it has allowed us to take a closer look not only at Boruto-Naruto relationship, but also to the entire family of the Seventh Hokage. There were even episodes that allowed us to observe the little Himawari in the guise of Ninja, astounding everyone as it is similarin certain respects to the father.

Just about the family that after so many efforts Naruto managed to create with the sweet Hinata, one of the animators of the manga, Cheng Xi Huang, author of some of the most beautiful animations drawn in the series, published a few days ago, on Twitter, a drawing, in black and white, which portrays the complete Uzumaki family, while generating a Rasengan as a sign of union.

As you can see from the illustration at the bottom of the article, Naruto supports the whole family with his hand, Hinata follows him and supports that of Boruto, which maintains Rasengan, and finally there is Himawari which makes its contribution by regularizing the shape of the chakra with the hands placed on one side.

What about the sweet and cute illustration made by Huang? Feel free to write it below in the comments.

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