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Final Chapter (26): Dream World

The ritual to fill the earth with mana must be performed and Ferdinand asks Schicicoza to show Myne how to do it, but his quantity of mana is not great and he ends up exhausted. Myne by performing the ritual manages to fill the earth with mana, even in excess. Arrived at the cathedral, he meets Lutz who in an embrace melts into tears and the mouse is not contained either. Autumn passes and the High Priest quotes Myne to find out what is on his mind, enters his memories and understands that Myne is not of this world. Another hug and cry. Myne tries not to make the mistakes she made in her other life, so she thanks her family; as the High Priest talks to the commander about Myne's future.

Chapter opinion

Zhuangzi (or Chuang Tzu) one day dreamed and in his dream he was a butterfly, he flew everywhere like that insect and felt that it was that insect. When he woke up he saw that he was Zhuangzi again, but now he wondered if it was not a butterfly that dreamed of being Zhuangi. What lives in our heads are only memories, but they no longer exist, but we know that we live it, although perhaps we do not live it. Who is Myne really? Is Uranus in Myne's body or was Myne in Uranus' body? That fragile line between reality and fantasy.

The season of the mouse came to an end and what an end. Increasingly more and more, it lives up to the anime's title. This chapter left me only wishing to see more, it was good, not the best in its own discretion, but it was good, especially in the part where Myne's memories enter, although I would have liked to see much more of this (she had a feeling this appearance of Uranus and his mother by the opening). The end closes in a part of a road with a long section.

Shame and pride

Lord Ferdinand teaches us how to humiliate someone who believes himself superior in a few steps: he asks Schicicoza to teach Myne to purify the earth, he does it, but within seconds he was already half-passed out. When the mouse's turn came, she without any problem manages to provide the earth with mana, in excess as the High Priest said. The shame is of the charlatan who boasts of superior without having any particular talent, the pride is of the reckless who was prudent at the right time. Although what strikes me is knowing if Myne knows how much mana she has, because if she thought she didn't have much, she would have been mildly terrified to see what might happen. But that happened in the long run, more because of what had to happen than because of the mana used.

Apologies and requests

Finished the ritual Lord Ferdinand apologizes to Myne for everything she went through, who did not think they would ignore his orders, being he of higher rank. Here is the maturity of Myne (or Uranus?) That tells him not to blame himself. These words within everything are a relief or a kind of sincere comfort on the part of Myne, it is not something that he says just to say, she understands the situation in which the High Priest is involved. To finish, he asks the commander to give him a new suit because the one he has been destroyed, he accepts, in addition Myne also asks that Schicicoza be given a punishment following the guidelines of the order, which he also accepts considering it the best . The mouse always raises suspicions about his way of thinking, his maturity and who he really is.

The world of dreams

After the fall, because Myne became very ill again, the High Priest calls him for something, asks him to take something, puts a crown on him and Myne sleeps. In that the High Priest also wears a crown and enters Myne's dreams / memories.

I must admit that in that short period of time where they use another type of drawing I loved it, they cannot use the normal design or the design of Myne's thoughts, but they use a different one and it really seemed fantastic to me, because it implies that they are in another plane, a different one and that we have not explored.

In those dreams we see the reality of Uranus, where he was, what he worked for and his family, although he only seems to have his mother. Sumo understands the fascination with books as it enters his head, due to the amount in one place. However, the most relevant seems to be something else.

It's late, but don't make the same mistake

Regrets and second chances, after this life who knows if there is another chance. Even if there is another life, nothing assures you that you are touched by the same people and if you keep the memories, won't it be more painful to remember the moments when you were never grateful to someone who has done a lot for you and you have only despised their effort ? Get to thinking under your reality and you will see that it hurts.

In the end, the scenes of Uranus and his mother, the lack of appreciation and the "contempt" he shows imply that he did not value what he really had to value. Despite everything, Myne understands that her mother was more important than the books, so she laments. This triggers later scenes in which Myne thanks her family for the support received and for everything they do for her. There may not be second chances, but you don't have to make the same mistakes with other people.

How does Lord Ferdinand really feel?

When the High Priest talks to the commander (they seem to be good friends), almost at the end, the first responds that he only cares about the well-being of Ehrenfest and that he sees Myne as a useful piece. This really casts doubt on how the High Priest feels about Myne. It's not just those words, but having revealed Myne's secret that would demonstrate more sincerity and weight in her next words (which are the ones I mentioned). Maybe it's just suspicions, maybe it's not what he really feels, but he leaves a lot to think about, adding that he told him to adopt Myne because it will be a highly prized piece.

The way to go

The final minutes are only given by Myne following her life and we finished with a very good from the High Priest after Myne played the instrument (this makes my suspicions rise, I feel like it's like: Okay, you're ready to be part of the nobility). The chapter ends with a hope of continuation, which I hope will be fulfilled. Myne is still a girl, so there is still a long way to go, unless a tragedy occurs (which I see as possible, but due to the half-childish approach of the anime I doubt that something like this will happen). The mouse is growing, I would like to see her as a teenager and above all I want to know how far she can go.

A good continuation, a well-run anime, good messages and development of influential characters that are also good (despite the fact that conflicts only last for a few cases, but very little). Maybe the opening and the ending are not to my liking, but it does not mean that they are bad, they are good (although I prefer the ending previous). Perhaps the only bad thing is that it is not a continuous anime. Let's wait another season, with faith it will come.


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