In the current conflict of My Hero Academiaconsidering the strength of the antagonists, no character is safe. It is perhaps in this context, much more than previously, that the absence of All Might throws the condition of the heroes into absolute uncertainty.

Endeavor immediately rushed to Shigaraki's attack, but his offensive proved inconsistent against his regenerative power. The goal of the villain is to obtain the One For All, and therefore Izuku Midoriya, first, however, he will have to deal with his next opponent - Aizawa.

At the end of the last chapter we saw the professor of the U.A. about to attack the villain, excited by the memory of Shirakumo and the terrible possibility of losing his students. Considering Tomura's hyperbolic abilities, it is certainly an unequal confrontation, which foreshadows an inevitable defeat for Aizawa.

If even Endeavor's brute force failed to scratch Shigaraki's defenses, it's hard to think that his colleague could have any chance of winning. An exit from Aizawa is reinforced by the latest releases of Vigilantes, the spin-off of the main work, which has consistently focused on its past.

Since it is not a canonical work, it is legitimate to have some doubts about his influence on the original series. However, prior to the twist on Kurogiri, Vigilatens he had focused particularly on Shirakumo, as if wanting to convey to the reader all the information necessary to empathize with the mood of Aizawa and Present Mic.

What do you think? Do you think Aizawa could be the next victim of this narrative arc?

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