The breaks and Hunter x Hunter are inseparable. Unfortunately, mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi has been struggling with physical problems for several years, which severely affect his work. There are many occasions when he complained about back problems and even warned his followers against some surgeries.

In any case, the reality is like this Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus for several years and is currently struggling with his longest break. There is no way to tell when the Togashi manga will return to Weekly Shonen Jump and all you can do is wait for a signal from the author or the publisher. According to some, one of these appears to have arrived.

There's a particular account on Twitter that some say it is Attributed to Yoshihiro Togashi. This account would have made its first post just a few hours ago with a photo showing a corner of a page, a manuscript that reads "We're on the fourth right now," implying that three chapters have already been completed and are currently on fourth is worked . The tweet came promptly appreciated by Yusuke Muratathe mangaka of One-Punch Man and thus a colleague of Togashi.

It goes without saying that Murata's liking and sharing of this account went viral and the picture was commented on a lot. That One-Punch Man mangaka then canceled everything, but it is not clear why. It could be because he realized that this account isn't verified, or because he didn't plan on spotlighting his friend's work.

You can check out the tweet below, but keep in mind that nothing is confirmed and there is very little concrete on the situation at the moment. The author Murata may then have been caught by the profile picture or other details There is nothing left but to wait for more concrete news from the publisher, which if all were true would be arriving in a few months.

TO UPDATE: After deleting his first tweet, Yusuke Murata reconfirmed that this image belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi. The Hunter x Hunter author may therefore be back at work on his manga. In any case, we invite you to approach the situation with pliers, since even the mangaka Murata could have made a mistake.

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