Animated products, such as television series and other types of media, place a strong emphasis on human relationships, which can sometimes lead to a bond between two romantic characters. So here are the top 8 fan favorite kissing scenes in Japan.

The animes of the romantic genre are a type of products that are very appreciated all over the world, however, not all series are able to build a "story" capable of meeting viewers' expectations, especially in Japan, where the fans are particularly demanding. At least the famous report by Anime! Anime! opened a poll to rank the best kissing scenes as follows:

  1. Shinichi and Ran, Detective Conan;
  2. Kirito and Asuna, Sword Art Online;
  3. Nagisa and Kaede, Assassination Classroom;
  4. Ash and Sera, PokΓ©mon XY & Z;
  5. Kyo and Tohru, fruit basket;
  6. Sasaki and Miyano, Sasaki to Miyano:
  7. Inuyasha and Kikyo, Inuyasha;
  8. tied on points: Subaru and Emilia (Re:Zero), Koko and Nozomi (Precure 5 GoGo!), Kyon and Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya);

And you, on the other hand, agree with at least one of the viewer scenes in Japan? If not, let us know your favorite scene at the bottom of the news in the box provided. Before leaving, did you check out this ranking of the 10 most dangerous animes on the web?

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