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Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

Komi-san Can't Communicate 2 - Chapter 7: A Misunderstanding / Hallucination? / A narcissist / Group school trip

After care Tadano, comic is nervous about the sudden onset of Najimi while holding her hand. Unsure if he saw her doing it comic He writes her a letter to explain the situation. But that also scares her because she's not sure if she's been seen.

Tadano got his memories a little blurry so he can't remember if comic took care of him. However, if that was the case, she wants to thank him, so she decides to ask Najimibut stays aside in the end comic prematurely, so he changes his strategy to get a direct response from her. But because of such vague questions, they end up leading to further misunderstandings.

Naruse Shisuto He's a narcissist who believes everyone admires him and gives his fans fanservice. However, he is alone. Nine months of the school year comic didn't even speak to me drunk, so he starts trying to get closer to her, but is blocked by "his fans". Unable to achieve his goal, stress starts to make him uncomfortable, which is relieved afterwards comic Give him the handkerchief he accidentally dropped. So try to talk again comic to swap numbers but your method fails so end up swapping numbers with Tadano as a first step.

The group class trip is coming up, and Najimi Y Tadano They're excited, albeit for different reasons. Nevertheless, comic she's a little distracted. Tadanonoticing this, asks him if he's okay while they walk together after class, although he initially receives an affirmative answer soon after breaking up comic receives a call from him to confess that he lied. Telling him what happened on his journey in high school. Tadano manages to calm the anxious comicand on group election day, everyone wants to be next comicbut the groups will be drawn at random.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 7
Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

new characters

In Komi-san cannot communicate 2 - Two new male characters appeared in Chapter 7: Naruse Shisuto Y Cometani Chuushaku. During drunk He had much more prominence for his own bow, cometani He also had his posts along the way.

drunk, an absolute narcissist, is a character I can't stand because of his personality. However, I don't want him to receive the psychological punishment yamai. Although, like the others, I would support the protection comic to prevent them from having such a careless encounter. Pretty weird to look at. Of course, I accept that I liked the environment given to the character with his own theme while being present on screen.

Katsuyuri Miuta is he seiyu responsible for voting drunk. Who gave voice to characters like: Shinji Nakano (β€œArifureta"), Sasuke Delta Gundam (β€œSD Gundam World Heroes’), and other small contributions (as an extra) to various already released projects, such as B. "death parade", "Re: zero 3", "86", "Tokyo Ghoul", among other.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 7
Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

cometani, for his part, is a character that I really like because of the comical shots he can take. As the "main commentator" of the production, his participation could take the form of "cameos' throughout the anime. Something that happens in the manga and I hope from now on it will also happen in the animated adaptation. That's why he's one of my favorite male characters from "Komi-san cannot communicate", no better than 'Tada GOD', but if the second behind him.

The voice of cometani is given to him by seiyu Shoutarou Uzawawhich was also done with the characters: Kiyoshi Sato (β€œUchuu Show and Youkoso"), Ayato Nakasone (β€œCaramel Honey"), J Avoid Yokoo (β€œJibaku Shounen Hanako-kun").

Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

I personally believe that the work of both seiyuus It suits their respective characters perfectly. It manages to properly showcase their personality and reactions depending on their mood, such as decline drunk due to stress.

Komi-san's fear

So far the previous chapters had generally displayed comedic moments comicincluding those that were flashbacks to the past, for example his interaction with Najimi when they were kids. However, Komi-san cannot communicate 2 - Chapter 7 showed a much more dramatic moment in the past of comic.

Although the moment is a bit cliche in some other anime, I think that's the main difference comic She wasn't lonely because she was "hated" or viewed as a "trouble" by her classmates, in fact it might have been the same as in high school, except back then she didn't get along with anyone else like I did was Tadano in this case.

In a way I liked seeing a much more serious moment in the plot of Komi-san cannot communicate 2which shows that the gender of comedy will not always be present. In the same way as that romance it begins to levitate, in fairly limited amounts and in certain situations.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 7
Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

To be honest, I understand the fear comic being single again after her high school experience. Breaking up with your closest friends in such situations is a bit difficult because now nobody can keep up with you. And for someone suffering from a communication disorder, it has to be even worse. On the other hand, of course, this will help to demonstrate the development of again comic, with more confidence than at the beginning of the story. And aware that it is not only supported by Tadano, also for all his other friends. Particularly perceptive like a mine.

on Tadanois planting more and more flags comic. In Komi-san cannot communicate 2 - Chapter 7 does it by technically saying he will always support comic. One of those moments where, if it was a visual novel, I would have earned more points for it. But there's still a lot of history left and I'd love to see it all animated, with many more seasons ahead of us.

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