Berserker: The Golden Age was born as a trilogy of films to re-adapt the eponymous saga, perhaps the best-known of the Miura franchise and the starting point for characterizing Gatsu as we know him.

Along with the 1997 series, they are the most popular animated adaptations by the fans, while despite an excellent soundtrack curated by Shiro Sagisu and some sporadic highlights, Berserk 2017 was a heavily criticized production, especially due to the low visual quality.

And in the meantime, a memory refresher with the review of Berserk: The Golden Age III fans of the brand, and not, could appreciate the beauty of the brand new official visual for the eleventh installment of the Memorial Edition, the latter hitting theaters on December 10, 2022. The TV adaptation of the three feature films does indeed reach a pivotal point in the Eclipse saga. As the key image at the bottom of the news shows, Grifis is surrounded by water in an iconic moment that will change everything for Gatsu and his companions. The warm colors of the poster contrast with the context of the cold cynicism that will hit the Falcons Squad.

What do you think of the new key art? Are you following Berserk: The Golden Age - Memorial Edition on Crunchyroll? In the meantime, we take note of the Berserk special, a historical analysis from 2005.

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