After the final fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki was temporarily suspended, My Hero Academia Chapter 370 has changed the warfront by shifting the focus to weirdos. However, the mini-arc dedicated to the leader of the mutant army may have squandered the character's narrative potential.

Given his background, Spinner had the potential to become one of them Higher impact antagonists the story of Kohei Horikoshi. However, the author may have discarded some introspective considerations that may have implications for modern society.

Spinner's past consists of Loneliness and social distancing because of its diversity. After seeing Stain the Hero Slayer in action, he switched to the villain side and was one of the few antagonists to fight for more than one cause. But when the rising hero Tentacles asks him to explain his plan in the final chapters, the lizard-like criminal can barely utter a word. Spinner has in fact become All For One's umpteenth victim and his desires for social revenge have been subdued by him cruel vision of the symbol of fear. After receiving two quirks, he can no longer think rationally. His vision is completely clouded as he completes the mission assigned to him by his master, the rescue of Kurogiri.

Spinner is now a Marionette in the hands of All For One and all his emotions and motives were silenced by the will of the symbol of fear. Destined to shut down completely after reaching its destination, all its righteous ideology has been lost. That Kohei Horikoshi was wrong in not giving him a more prominent role and giving more importance to the social cause of My Hero Academia's mutant class?

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