Tabata's hospital stay is finally over and after a few weeks, Black Clover is back from the unexpected hiatus. Chapter 344 picks up where Sensei left off, namely with theInvasion of the Sunland by the Paladins Dedicated to Lucius Zogratis.

Black Clover Chapter 344 begins with the host of Astaroth taking care of Morris, the sorcerer of the diamond realm. In exchange for his miraculous healings, Lucifer nonetheless makes him a paladin ready to do his bidding with loyalty. did that orders Sister Lily to invade the Land of the Sun and to eliminate those who oppose him.

Back in the present we see the three paladins making their move. One of them, a certain Yurulu, summons a magical beast into the waters around the island. The invasion begins, but the antagonists are there to resist five Ryuzenincluding Ichika Yami.

Meanwhile, Asta is still training very hard. This time, his trainer is the strongest of the Ryuzen, with the last of the group behind him. Auction will be successful dominate the tents and demonstrate his strength and win the Ryuzen against the three paladins despite the absence of their strongest man?

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