Via the official website of Aniplexannounced the production of a new original anime series based on a design by the famous Japanese drama composer. Shinji Nojima. This series is titled Miracle egg priority and its premiere is planned for January 2021. The studios Cloverworks You will be responsible for animating this title.

The first image for the series was also revealed.

Miracle egg priority

Production team

  • The series scripts are written by Shinji Nojima.
  • Management will be responsible for Shin Wakabayashi in studies Cloverworks.
  • Saki Takahashi will be responsible for the design of the characters.

About the creator of Wonder Egg Priority

Shinji Nojima has worked as a screenwriter in the production of various Japanese dramas. The series is one of his most popular works High school teacher, Waif Y. Born to be a flower, for its English translation.

Source: Official website



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