“I am Oden” is a sentence that could easily be Attributed to Oden Kozuki, legitimate shogun of Wano who unfortunately never managed to exercise his birthright. However, in ONE PIECE, his role was famously usurped by Orochi, who forced him to make a fool of himself. But Oden's exploits are not forgotten.

However, among the 1000+ ONE PIECE characters, there is another character who has used this expression, a person whose name is certainly not Oden. In Onigashima, in addition to all the featured characters of Kaido's faction, there was also one who told his commanders to side with the protagonists, precisely because of Oden's words that influenced him greatly.

Yamato was presented in ONE PIECE, daughter of Kaido and the up-and-coming Oden Kozuki. Even as a child, fascinated by the stories of Roger's ex-pirate, she wanted to empathize with her idol, which even angered her father on several occasions. His strength is remarkable, he can count on the King Emperor's Haki and a Devil Fruit. Now it also comes to life thanks to the interpretation of Miih making one Cosplay by Yamato, who even thinks he's Oden in real life.

Definitely an excellent interpretation of three photos that they describe the character of ONE PIECE very well.

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