Pokemon: Explorations still seems a long way from completion. This has been confirmed by the spread of the title of episode 136, which will be released on December 16, 2022 after the few episodes dedicated to the Mew project and therefore to the adventure of Goh. Will Ash and Goh's journey continue from the uncharted region of Paldea?

The issues surrounding the production of the Pokémon anime that have surfaced over the past few months and the fact that Ash has finally become world champion led the community to believe that the Pokémon anime: Explorations is now close to its final episode . An assumption that turned out to be incorrect from the title of episode 136: "Ash and Go! The beginning of a new journey!”revealed by user @ThePokeRaf in the post below.

The brief preview of the episode in question, released at the end of episode 135, confirmed this fresh start for the two protagonists, and given the recent release of the Pokémon games Scarlet and Violet, fans took it for granted Pokémon: Explorations continues the journey to Paldea, introduced to the region only in the ninth generation. And what do you think? Will you follow Ash and Goh's next adventure? Tell us in the comments.

In conclusion, we leave you with the words of the TV network about Ash's future and with a fanart showing the adult protagonist.

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