The surprise of the concluding tables of chapter 374 of the My hero academy could be crucial to the outcome of the intense war between heroes and villains. In an incredible twist, Horikoshi brought a presumed-dead antagonist back to the battlefield after the paranormal war of liberation and shocked a major pro hero.

During the previous conflict, Hawks, number two in the current career hero hierarchy, actually betrayed twice and then killed him after using him to infiltrate the villain group as a spy. An action that has deeply shocked Himiko Toga, girl very attached to the villain. After receiving a blood sample from Twice as a gift from Dabi, Himiko decided to use her powers to revive her partner.

That Quirk transformation Not only does it allow her to take the form of anyone she wants, but it also allows her to replicate her powers. Thanks to this gimmick, Toga returns to the battlefield, right in front of Hawks, like Twice, flanked by a clone of the villain.

This return could be essential to put the antagonists ahead as Hawks is already very battle hardened, and Endeavor was accompanied by his son Dabi. What do you think of Twice's return to the villain ranks? Do you think Toga will really be able to take revenge and upset the balance of the war? Tell us in the comments.

We leave you with the spoilers for Chapter 375 of My Hero Academia, which is coming soon Sunday, December 4, 2022 on MangaPlus.

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