The adventures of Eren Jaeger and his companions in arms are coming to an end. As the work becomes more and more demanding, Master Hajime Isayama has found time to indulge in a small Easter egg. The cameo was discovered by a fan who shared it on Twitter. Details see below.

After so many years of carefully reading the pages of The Attack of the Giants, We need to prepare to say goodbye to our heroes. Not that the series hasn't brutally accustomed us to not being tied to the protagonists, but this time we have to say goodbye to all the work that is getting closer and closer to its conclusion.

However, as people prepare for Eren's wrath, the show's creator managed to fit it in a small cameo in a table. The nearly invisible detail was not lost on SnowLS, a Twitter user who managed to focus on a detail in the human wall. It's a cameo Pennywise, Stephen King's IT character, almost impossible to see and that is what you'll find at the bottom of the news along with the user's twitter.

Could you see it? Let us know what you think of this cute Easter egg with your comments. Before I say goodbye, let me remind you that a full color version of The Attack of the Giants is on the way and that a statue of the heroes of The Attack of the Giants has been inaugurated.

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