In each new chapter, Hajime Isayama creates the story of theAttack of the giantswhich, according to the recent words of the same author, is getting closer and closer to what an epic conclusion promises, and the latest published pages have marked an important and irreversible advance in the plot.

How we experience the painful and painful work of the Regina Historia, Eren continues to exterminate anyone who does not have Eldian blood in their veinsusing giants that advance from town to town, bringing only destruction and despair to the people of Marley. However, the nation's military corps is preparing for the final, decisive attack on the giant wall led by Jaeger.

With the numerous revelations that have surfaced so far, Eren has decided to take direct revenge on Marley by harnessing the ancestral giant's incredible power that enables him to command any giant. Therefore formed the immense threat called Rumbling, an army of giants with whom he wants revenge in the worst possible way. Of course, the power of the ancestor Eren's mental stability could absolutely have been impaired, since he has to deal with Armin and Mikasa who want answers.

In the meantime, however, Marley's soldiers try to stop the advance of the enemy by dropping numerous bombs on the giants with airships. Given the tragic panorama that can now be found across the country, one soldier comments: "We all have problems that we created on Demon Isle, and as a result we left them behind Demons were born to give us back the hatred we had for them. If I got a second chance, I wouldn't make the same mistake. "

Despite The airships were easily destroyed by the huge beast, alias Zeke Jaeger, the research corps managed to hinder the two brothers in some way. Keep in mind that Isayama may be preparing for a feel-good ending, and we are leaving on the chapter 135 release date.

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