Pokémon Exploration: Lucario joins Ash’s team

A legendary opponent was the focus of the new episode of Pokémon Explorations. Now let's talk about the new addition to the Ash's team, historical protagonist of the series, which is also the focus of the unpublished saga.

As you know in Pokémon exploration, Pikachu's famous trainer friend, has received a Riolu Pokémon that can evolve into Lucario. During the clash with Ferrothorn and Copperjah from Chariman Rose's team, Riolu was at the center of a sequence that you can also find at the bottom of the news: The little monster has evolved, become a lucario. The numerous fans of the series were enthusiastic about this novelty, also because it was a Pokémon that has always been missing from Ash's numerous teams.

So thanks to his new attack called "Aura sphere"Lucario manages to beat his opponents, allowing Ash to win this challenge too. Lucarios is an important addition to the protagonist's team, especially after the official recap of Episode 46 revealed Mew's return in Pokémon Explorations, an episode that from will be available next November 20th. Finally, we point out the new plan of Team Rocket, historical characters loved by all fans of the franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

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