The previous episode of the anime from Tokyo Avenger it ended with an incredible cliffhanger. While Takemichi was desperately looking for him, Draken was challenged by Peh-Yah. How did the clash between the two members of the Tokyo Manji Gang go?

In episode 9 of Tokyo Revengers, titled "Revolt", Ken Ryuguji accepts the challenge of the new Toman second division team who refuses to accept the arrest of his best friend Pah-chin. What Peh-Yah does, however, is a cowardly act, a real betrayal. In fact, Peh-Yah wants to distract the deputy commander of the Tokyo Manji Gang, who is shot from behind by the Moebius men.

Meanwhile, Takemichi, accompanied by Mitsuya, continues the search for his friend. Recalling the police investigation, he senses that Draken is near a parking lot, but when he arrives he finds Draken surrounded by enemies, his head full covered in blood.

The three of the Toman seem to be in serious trouble: alone they have to face up to a hundred Moebius henchmen. When everything seemed to be falling apart, suddenly the exhausts of a Honda CB250T resonate in the air. Mikey has arrived.

The leader of Toman senses that Peh-Yah, who is behind this conspiracy, is not behind it due to a mysterious figure. Hanma suddenly reveals herself and claims to be the new leader of Moebius and the mastermind behind the plan to split the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Mikey tries to attack Hanma with one of his very powerful and very fast kicks, but for the first time the blow is saved. Despite the arrival of Manjiro Sano, Moebius is still in a situation of clear numerical superiority. At this point, all of Toman's divisions arrive. The feud that led to Draken's death in the future begins.

Takemichi, aware of what is in store for him, panics and begins wandering around in the middle of the search brawl looking for Draken. Meanwhile, Mikey finally manages to approach Peh-Yah. Peh-Yah beats and insults his former leader and accuses him of doing nothing for Pah-chin forgiven and invited to join the ranks again. Mikey is a charismatic and loyal commander.

Meanwhile, Takemichi's desperate search continues, but suddenly a familiar figure walks past him. It is Kiyomasa, stunned, holding a knife and praising the success of his task. A little further on, Draken is lying on the ground, stretched out in a blood bath. The protagonist seems to have failed everything.

The manga Tokyo Revengers is in the final sprint, the announcement by Kodansha magazine has arrived. Let's go back to the previous episode of Tokyo Revengers.

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