Given the success of the last film on the project Rebuilding Evangelion, and as an excellent reception for the last organized exhibitions, a special exhibition will be held in Tokyo starting October, dedicated to the brilliant career of Hideaki Anno, creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the most important works in the industry.

Partly follow the model of the Smash Art Exhibit The exhibition, dedicated to My Hero Academia, will feature numerous works of art as well as unpublished material. The Hideaki Anno Exhibition will officially open its gates to the public on October 1st and then close on December 19th and stay in the Japanese capital for a little over two months.

From the more detailed information obtained so far, the exhibition will be included Pre-production material, notes, and notes from the same year, various sketches, drafts, concept art and even miniatures and statues dedicated to the EVAs and the protagonists. This is an event suitable for fans who have followed Anno's career from the start, such as his collaboration in Nausicaa la Valle del Vento by Studio Ghibli, but which turned out to be also interesting for those who have never approached the imaginary of Evangelion.

Remember, Asuka got a great DonnaLoli cosplay, and we'll leave you with a perfect reconstruction of Misato's apartment.

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